edition 16 – Summer 2023

String System

It all started with a revelation and a competition. In 1949, the leading Swedish publishing house Bonnier realised that people would likely buy more books if they had somewhere to put them. With this in mind, Bonnier launched a competition calling for a shelving solution that was affordable, easy to ship, easy to assemble and easy to install. Married couple Nils and Kajsa Strinning entered and won the competition with their ingenious solution: a flexible, elegant and minimalistic shelving system that could be mounted on any wall and voilà: string® was born.

Nils and Kajsa kept refining the string® system to perfection, making sure it was not just beautiful but also functional. Where the architect Nils was fast and innovative with a steady flow of new concepts, designer Kajsa was thorough, artistic and patient. Together, they created a timeless system that could be infinitely expanded and modified with the addition of shelves, folding tables, cabinets and so on.

Retailers appreciated the fact that the system was flat-packed and easy to transport. Customers loved the fact that their string® was a high quality solution made in Sweden yet surprisingly affordable. They also liked that their string® could grow and change with them over time – a clever lifelong investment.

The advantages of string® are still apparent to customers all over the world today.

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