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Makers Cabinet

Makers Cabinet - Høvel - Brass Insert

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Høvel is a pencil sharpener that functions as a miniature plane, allowing you the freedom the achieve any point you like without the hassle of breaking the lead of your pencils like a typical sharpener.  It can be used as a long point sharpener, a flat sharpener like what you would achieve with a chisel or knife, or even for making very short and sturdy points.

The blades are easily changed without the need for any tools by using thumb screw that fastens everything together. The solid brass Høvel weighs in at around 90 grams with a great weighted feel in the hand. Being a precision machined brass piece, Høvel will age beautifully and is made to last a lifetimeThis Høvel comes with 10 replacement blades in the box.

By Makers Cabinet

Material: Brass 

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