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Phaidon Something's Fishy

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This ice fishing mystery by Jean Gourounas features a grumpy penguin, a troupe of curious onlookers, and a surprise ending!


An ice fishing penguin grows increasingly aggravated as his line fails to attract fish, but his activity attracts a cast of curiously chatty polar characters. Hilariously expressive animals and their repetitive questions dramatically accumulate until finally, in the climactic finale, the penguin hears something under the water, and everyone silences for the big reveal. A fast-paced and entertaining read-aloud that provides ample opportunity for character voices and multiple punchlines. Children will wager predictions throughout, and crack up at the clever and comical ending!


Created for ages 3-6 years



Format: Hardback
Size: 250 x 195 mm (9 7/8 x 7 5/8 in) 
Pages: 40 pp
Illustrations: 36 illustrations 

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