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23 Feb ‘17
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Beauty from Bali

Unique ceramics from Alexis Stephenson.

We’ve collaborated with friend and artist Alexis to create a collection of six individual pieces to mark the opening of our new studio and store in South East London.


These vessels are made from stonewear clay, which have been thrown and trimmed,then  sprayed with cobalt oxide. They are then loaded in to an anagama kiln (traditional japanaese wood-fired kiln), the process for loading can take up to 3 days. They are then fired for a further 3 days and 3 nights reaching temperature of over 1200 degrees celcius, using coffee and pine wood. Each piece is unique and cannot be fully replicated. The markings are like that of birth marks, created through the flashing of flames and natural ash deposit. The results are entirely up to the elements, uniquely based on the positioning within the kiln and activity of each particular firing.


Prices start at £65 and are available in-store only, email us at hello@iyouall.com



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