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14 Nov ‘16

Claymen Project

Alongside running a successful information design studio in London and New Delhi,
Aman has created this compelling and unusual project entitled 'Claymen'.

"I create these small sculptures from my observation of the common man and his dilemmas. Claymen figures come in peace and maintain silence. Although going through their own existential crises at all times they are mere spectators or observers to the notion that “man is losing his humanity and becoming a thing amongst the things he produces.” The idea of being or being present in time and space is reflected in my choice of material - clay is a simple, everyday, raw material used by everyone. Sun dried, half baked in an open fire - clay is omnipresent and yet individual in the way one uses it. In time, the clay dissolves back into the Earth."


We've fallen in love with this project and the many characters created by Aman, you can read more at: http://claymen-art.tumblr.com/

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