edition 16 – Summer 2023



Muuto - Raise Glasses (set of 2) - Large - Dark Blue

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With their shapes inspired by modernist still life paintings yet interpreted in contemporary shapes and colours, the Raise Glasses have an inviting expression that encourages interaction when in use. With the slight raise of its foot, the glass has an elegant look while hinting its user to raise the glass up to a toast when with friends and family. Use the different colours together for a unique and playful table setting. ​

Material: Mouth-blown glass in Indigo Blue. 
Size: diameter 53 x h105 mm / 
Care Instructions: To care for and prolong the life of the Raise Carafe & Glass, we recommend hand-wash as this is the gentlest way of cleaning them. The
Raise Carafe & Glass are dishwasher safe, but over time, this will tear on the glass clearness which can be avoided by washing them in

Not suitable for hot beverages or dishwasher program above 55ºc.

Due to the glassware's handmade nature that leads to varying weight and thickness of each piece, we do not recommend stacking more than four glasses on top of each other.

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