Who Is Herman?

Who Is Herman?

20% of all chairs and stools in the Herman Collection until 30 April 2020.

His practical upbringing can be perceived through his sturdy and dependable construction, as well as the modern lines that make up his simple yet classic form. With his timeless shape, the stylish Herman is always well-dressed, and isn’t afraid tackle life and its challenges head-on, or to experiment with different colours and textures.

As practical as he is good-looking, Herman’s rounded backrest doubles as an armrest, making sure you’re always comfortable in his curved embrace. Even though you’ll always notice him, he doesn’t like to be obtrusive – his stackable nature means it’s easy to put him aside when you need to focus on other things, like cleaning the floor.

Herman is a social guy – he’s comfortable in any setting, and he’s exceptionally good at making friends. That means he’s happy when paired with others like him, but you can just as easily mix him in together with other pieces that either complement or contrast his design.

The patriarch of the Herman design, The Herman Chair has a number of descendants who have joined the family since his inception in 2013: the Herman Lounge Chair, Stool and Bar Chair, as well as several accessories, all share the design DNA of their eponymous forefather. Clean lines and a contemporary aesthetic are met with simple functionality that make for classic pieces that are easy to integrate into any interior space.

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